Avene Cream Akerat 10 – 200 ml

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Product description:

About the Product:
Specialized body cream formulated to relieve the discomfort of rough, thick and flaky skin associated with psoriasis. The synergistic action of ingredients nourishes, soothes and restores skin’s comfort.

Product Benefits:
Restores skin comfort level Gently exfoliates rough, dry patches Ideal for use on knees, palms, heels and other commonly dry spots

Good to know:
Dry skin is a common skin disorder due to external aggressions, medication & personal nature. Dryness may lead to a lot of problems if not treated properly with good emollients and moisturizers

How to use:

Apply to affected areas once or twice daily. Do not apply to children under the age of 3, open wounds or irritated skin. AM PM


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