Avene Gel Cleansing 200 ml

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About the Product:

Cleansing gel for oily skin or acne-prone skin. Regulatessebum secretion, not causing dryness.

Decrease chances for relapses of acne flares.

Product Benefits:

Deep cleansing action purifies without stripping the skin

Respects the skin’s natural balance, minimizing the triggerfor excess sebum production


How to Use:

Apply in the morning and/or evening to moistened face and/orbody. Lather, rinse thoroughly, and pat dry.


Good to know:

Oily skin is a common skin disorder, may leading to acnewith its complications.

In order to overcome oily skin, it’s a must to use sebumregulator products without soap & treat the pimples properly with specificproducts to prevent acne scar formation and keep our skin velvety smooth &clear


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