ESSIE Top Coat Gel Couture Nail Polish, 13.5ml

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• Fragment-proof technology that helps prevent enamel from chipping and creates perfect adhesion between the various enamel layers
• Spiral, tapered tip brush for more consistent application
• Gives the manicure a unique result
• Gives a gel finish without damaging the natural nail
• Secures and protects gel couture nail polish
• Provides a flawless finish with a gel effect and long lasting (up to 12 days)
• Promotes quick drying and protects color
• No UV or LED lamp needed
• Easily removed with acetone or nail polish remover

How to use:

Apply one coat of essie Gel Couture Top Coat to your nails, after applying two coats of color. Let it dry before pressing the nails onto any surface.


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