Eucerin Intensive Hand Cream 5% Urea 75 ml

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Product Description:

  • Hands get exposed to cold weather, water, soaps and other chemicals much more frequently than the rest of the body.
  • This makes them more vulnerable to a breakdown in barrier function, resulting in moisture loss and the penetration of irritants, which can cause dryness, redness, scaling, itching and irritation.
  • Eucerin Repair Hand Crème 5% Urea is enriched with Urea and Lactate to quickly soothe even severely dry and irritated hand skin, or hand skin with eczema, by providing the intensive, long-lasting moisture it needs.
  •  An immediate and significant decrease in skin dryness and roughness after a single product application.
  • A significant decrease in skin dryness and roughness even after six hand washings.
  • 97.2% of patients scored the hand cream as “very good” and “good” in terms of toleration
  • Clinical studies have demonstrated that the product offers very good care efficacy and is well tolerated, even by extremely dry and diseased skin.

How to use:

  • Squeeze a small amount of cream into your hand.
  • Massage the cream into your hands until it is completely absorbed.
  • Apply as often as necessary.

Warnings & precautions:

  • Don’t use it if you are allergic to any of its contents.


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