Foltene Hair loss Treatment Women 12 Ampules

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About the Product:

Increases the quantity of hair in the growing phase(Anagen)& can stop hair loss in 30 days only

Decreases the quantity of hair in the falling phase(Telogen)

Increases the length and resistance of the hair giving it strength, volume, and shine.

Product Benefits:

Stop hair loss in 30 days, regrowth hair within 6 weeks delay hair aging

How to Use:

Use at the first signs of weakening of the hair and/or hair loss.

Attack phase: 3 vials per week for two months.

Maintenance phase: 2 vials per week for 6 weeks.

The duration of the treatment is to be evaluated on the basis of the results obtained.

The treatment should be repeated at least twice a year(spring and fall).

Each box allows one month of treatment.

The treatment can be applied both to wet (after shampoo) or dry hair.


Apply to damp hair, gently massage, and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. The delicate formulation makes this shampoo suitable for frequent use.

Good to know:

Aquas base, freshly prepared, highly absorbed boost collagen& protein synthesis


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