Isis Pharma Neotone Body 100 Ml

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About the Product:

Neotone Body is intense body milk with a depigmenting andmoisturizing effect. Effect of superficial peeling. Suitable for sensitiveareas (axles, bikini line). Recommended for all types of hyper-pigmentation(including acanthosis nigricans)


Product Benefits:

Lightening and Moisturizing Lotion for all skin types andall body even sensitive skin and sensitive areas with high spreading andabsorption power for all family members


How to Use:

Use Neotone Body daily and apply to areas where dark spotsare present.

Is suitable for use in sensitive areas such as the underarmsand bikini line. The milk can also be used on your stomach after pregnancy toget rid of the linea nigra, that unsightly dark line.

Good to know:

offers intense hydration and give whitening effect after 14 days.


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