Lee Stafford Hold Tight Hair Spray 250ml

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Product description:

  • This award winning Hairspray was part of our original Lee Stafford collection and is still going strong. Holding your hair in position with just a simple spray.
  • A simple Strong Hold Hairspray that does EXACTLY what it says on the bottle
  • The bottle says….“your hair stays put the way you styled it” – and it does! Holding your hair in position with just a simple spray
  • Like freeze frame for your hair, this intensive Hold Tight Hairspray locks down your style – instantly
  • Hairsprays can be stiff and sticky
  • This Firm Hold Spray leaves hair touchable and feeling as good as it looks, But under control
  • A weightless Hairspray that leaves hair super soft and super natural
  • This powerhouse of a Hairspray is easily brushed out with zero residue.
  • Mist over Poker Straight hair to keep it on the straight and narrow
  • A must for setting curls


  • Firm hold
  • No stiffness
  • No crispiness
  • Long lasting
  • Great fragrance
  • How to use
    • Hold the spray about 15cm away from your head and shake well before use.
  • Then simply spray onto styled hair.


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