NUXE Body contouring Oil For Infiltrated Cellulite 100ml

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Nuxe Body Sculpting & Deep Cellulite Treatment, rich in a distinctive combination of caffeine and pepper flower oil with rosemary leaf oil that activates the body’s blood circulation, helping to reduce the accumulated fat and tighten the belly and buttocks, and light on the skin making it suitable for all skin types, It also enhances the freshness and smoothness of the skin from the first use, and helps the presence of cocoa extract in the treatment of deep cellulite where it works to reduce the storage of fat in the body, and thus contribute to a tight skin free of contamination, works to protect the skin from the impact of harmful free sisters, and delay The appearance of wrinkles and signs of age because it contains vitamin E, and contains grapefruit oil and cedar oil to maintain the elasticity and softness of the skin, which helps in body sculpting and slimming the buttocks, mint oil and glycerol, which contains them to soften the body, and moisturize the skin intensely moisturizing as long as possible .


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