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Product Description:

  • With the all-new Ousha Glue Black, achieving a perfect eye makeup is as simple as ever!
  • This eyelash glue is a safe to use product that helps you get your false eyelashes and extensions in place, in just a matter of moments!
  • The product has a perfectly balanced easy-peel formulation.
  • Due to this, it sure has a long-lasting effect but does not put you through any trouble when you try to get it off .
  • This product consists of 100% authentic mink lashes that are completely handmade .
  • Ousha glues have a clog-free formulation that does not pose any hassle for you while applying .
  • This product is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested to be free from any harmful components.
  • It is safe to use .

How to use :

  • The first step that comes before using this Ousha eyelash glue is to make sure that your desired false eyelash is in the right shape .
  • In order to have a safe application, estimate the width of your eyelids and the width of the falsie. If needed, trim it beforehand, so as to make it better and safer to place on your lashes
  • Once you have your perfectly sized falsie, hold it up with a pair of tweezers with the inner side facing up
  • Gently dot the glue on this inner lining of the falsie while holding it steady
  • For an extra securing, put some glue on to your lashes as well but be careful that it doesn’t get in contact with the eyes
  • Then all you need to do is hold the glued falsie close to your lash and then press it on there so that it sticks
  • A general tip is that a prior eye makeup like mascara is really helpful as it enhances the grip of the glue by giving it something to hold on to .
  • For removing the falsie, start moisturizing the lining with coconut oil or any such mild moisturizer. The moisture will start breaking the glue and you can easily take the falsies off .

Caution & Warnings :

  • This product is for external use only .
  • Take care that while you are applying this product, it does not come in contact with your skin.
  • All eyelash glues are known to bond with skins very quickly, so apply it very carefully, only on to the lash and not too close to the eyelids .
  • Do not use too much glue on the lash as that might cause it to get dripped onto the eye.
  • Apply little dot sized amounts.
  • Keep your eyes closed while performing the process of keeping the false eyelash on with this glue.
  • In case the glue gets in the eyes, wash it, and seek medical help, if necessary .


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